2018 Age Cutoff

Published by SportsPlus Admin
Oct 02, 2018
You may have heard recently that the national PONY organization has voted to change the age cutoff date for all age groups to August 31st, starting in the 2018 season. Despite this vote, this decision by the national organization will not change our prior decision to grandfather in the April 30 age cutoff date that has been used by our league. As we have previously announced, the April 30 cutoff date will remain in place for MMPL in the 2018 season for the 9U and older age groups.The 8U kid pitch age group will be our only age group using the August 31 date next year; this date will follow those 8U players through the league as they move through the different divisions. We will discuss this again at the Fall Meeting, which is scheduled for Wednesday, November 8th.