2019 February Community Coordinator Meeting Notes

Published by Michael Koot
Feb 12, 2019
Thanks to everyone for attending Wednesday's MMPL Community Coordinator meeting.  Below are the notes from the meeting, and we have attached the handouts that were passed out.  The attachments include:
- Team Registration Forms
- Roster Submission Form
- Pitching Log
- Pitch Count Rules
- MMPL Code of Conduct
- Age Cutoff Date Table
- 2019 season PONY rule changes being enacted
- Dick's Discount Weekend Coupon
We'll send out another update when our league site is back up.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


o    MMPL Overview

·         12 game schedule, start early May and end by the 4th of July

·         EOS Tournament offered

·         Scheduling meeting for all coaches to be held Thursday 3/21 at 7:00 at the Mason Middle School

§  Please notify your coaches and have each team represented


o    2019 rule changes

·         U8 pitching mound moves to 40 feet from 38

·         No longer required to rest after 3 consecutive days

·         Point of clarification: You can finish a batter and go over the DAILY max, but if you finish a batter and move into another day of rest, you have to rest that extra day (not a rule change but has come up a few times)


o    Team Registration

·         Early deadline postmarked with payment received - the payment is the commitment which allows you to receive the early registration discount

·         The early registration price was put in to help us get the forms early enough to be confident in the divisions we are forming…without the actual payment there is no incentive/deterrence to encourage only putting teams in when you're confident they'll exist.

§  $155 per team by 3/1

§  $165 per team 3/1 - 3/9

§  $205 per team after 3/9


o    Team Rosters

·         Aiming for 100% compliance this season

·         How should we handle teams that don't submit a roster?  We get inconsistent follow through from teams throughout the community on this every season

§  No roster by the first game will result in forfeits until we have it

·         Rosters turned in by May 1st

·         No adds after your first game

·         Sent to age group coordinator by coaches or community coordinators before 1st game

·         Encourage teams to add kids from a younger division to their roster even if they won't play

·         Keep in mind plyers may only be on one team at each age group.  U9 and U10 is considered one age group, as is U11 and U12, and U13 and U14.  A U12 team can add someone from a U10 roster to their roster at the start of the season to guard against vacations and injuries, but not someone from U11. 


o    Big Time Photography/Mark Bak

·         Good photography partner for us each year

·         Lots of options and throw-ins available for the league, reliable organization

·         Contact them via email@bigtimesportsphotography.com with questions


o    Dick's Sporting Goods/Ben Bekius

·         Discount weekend March 23-25th good at Eastwood Town Center or Meridian Mall

·         April 13-14th as a second discount weekend

·         Showed off ADSTARR baseballs - $40/dozen - contact Ben (benjamin.bekius@dcsg.com) if interested in learning more


o    End of Season Tournament Proposal

·         Pool play leading to brackets.  Likely use pools of 3. 

·         Dates: Start as early as 7/8 (Monday) if needed, championships held Sunday 7/14

·         Issues with prior formats: families feel held hostage for a 1-2 week period of time, with the two weekends included at times…this would avoid that

·         Creating more tournaments that have fewer teams increases costs and complicates planning (fields, umps)

·         Which teams are not eligible?

§  We will plan to go by what teams registered for

·         9/11/13B's with a winning record should play in the upper, losing record in the lower

·         10/12/14 A requested teams are out, as are teams that requested B and were pushed to A.  Tough but opening the door to exceptions complicates matters too much.

·         We will go forward and determine more details with this format


o    Pitching forms

·         Wasn't bad last year, likely to get better this season

·         Without pitch count record sheet you could end up forfeiting games


o    U16 Division Returning 

·         More details to come


o    Fall Ball League Returning in late 2019


o    Winter Workouts

·         D-Bat - new facility on Enterprise Drive in South Lansing

§  Formerly known as BAMM or LISA

§  Booking time now for organizations looking for a place