Fall 2019 Community Coordinator Meeting Notes

Published by Ryan Davis
Nov 01, 2019

Meeting Held 10/28/19


  • No change to fees for 2020 season



  • Discussed offer to order ADStarr baseballs with MMPL logo at a discounted rate
  • November 11 deadline
  • Epic has baseballs for relative less expense


2020 Regular Season

  • Tentative start date of May 4th
  • Tentative end date of June 26th
  • Rainouts: can we suggest all teams leave a week open at the end of the season for rain out makeups?
  • 8U Kid pitch - can we clarify even more the rule for when a timeout may be called?
  • Helmets: Cheek guards and strongly encouraged for the 2020 season, but not required by PONY yet


Age Limits

  • Concerns over how this will look as the first group impacted by the cutoff date continues moving up.  We're aware a number of kids would be in 8th grade and wouldn't then have a team to play on if we do nothing, as they'd be too old for U14.


EOS Tournament

  • Plan to start July 7th or 8th for EOS tournament
  • Will plan to communicate the set days early for 2020 season
  • Format
    • Holt: Format was fine - information came out late for hosts which led to an umpire scramble
    • Make sure to send tournament on to coordinators and coaches both
    • Those attending were in favor of keeping the 1 home 1 away, feedback on the pool play format was positive
  • Rule adjustments?
    • Pitching is an issue in EOS, particularly at the 10U lower levels
      • Run limit
        • Williamston: Can we stagger the run limit - have a different run limit per inning
        • Put regular run limits back
        • 3 runs after 15 for regular season and tournament
      • SJ: Coach comes in at 4 balls for their 3rd/4th grade league
        • Mason: Good idea, can we do something like have it kick in with 2 consecutive walks - encourages swinging and not waiting for the coach
        • 10U - E/F/G - should we make these changes to regular season and EOS tournament for these divisions?
    • SJ: Can we find a way to allow more players to be added while ensuring teams are placed accordingly?


Winter Workouts

  • We use and recommend Dbat Mid Michigan, located in south Lansing


Dewitt: Create a one page community coordinator info sheet for new coordinators


Waverly: Umpires

  • Waverly will be doing a survey with teams playing at their field grading umps and fields
  • Would encourage other communities to do the same
  • Can we schedule the ump clinic closer to the start of the season
  • Sooner the better for scheduling the ump clinic