MMPL 2020 Season Resumption

Published by Ryan Davis
Jun 10, 2020
The Mid Michigan Pony League will be holding a season, resuming game play in July.

You can register your teams here until 11:59 pm on 6/16/2020.

Basic information includes:

Start Date

July 6


End Date

End by August 10 - this seemed to be the most consistent start date for fall sports from the feedback we received





Rule Changes

  • There would be the potential to require the umpire and maybe the catcher to be placed elsewhere or further back from normal. We would wait on deciding this until towards the end of June in case further changes come.
  • Potential no leading off to reduce fielders and baserunner interaction - final decision in late June based on guidelines at that time.
  • Potential no stealing home / at all, decided at the end of June.
  • No congregating in the dugout during or after the game.
  • Even more strict enforcement of code of conduct (even more reason that coaches can’t get in an ump's face).
  • Players are to sit with family outside of dugout when it’s their team's turn to bat.
  • Only coaches and the on deck batter to be in dugout area.
  • Sportsmanship is highly encouraged but teams will not line up/shake hands before or after the game.
  • We will seek ways to reduce in-game conferences for proximity-sake.


# of Games

5 weeks, 10 games



  • 10U/12U/14U age groups - no odd year divisions
  • There was not enough interest to hold an 8U kid pitch division
  • Teams should be prepared for there to only be two divisions - an upper division and a lower division, with a chance of a third, middle division. We will do our best to arrange things competitively but fewer teams participating will undoubtedly limit our options in some cases.


EOS Tournament

  • No EOS this year


Roster Rules

  • Allow teams to guest roster up to 3 players per game, but they are not eligible to pitch. 
  • Guest players must be identified prior to the game with the umpires.
  • Teams would be required to submit a roster before first game is played


Safety Rules

  • Teams are advised to provide hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes for their players.
  • Sharing of equipment is discouraged. Equipment that must be shared should be fully sanitized between uses.
  • Required that each player has their own batting helmet
  • Sharing catching equipment in strongly discouraged.


The goal of having this season would be to have a chance to play ball instead of sitting a whole year out. We would encourage a slightly more relaxed environment in games at all levels, recognizing that things are different this year.